Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Visit from Lolo

We were thrilled to see Loraine again last week.  She wasn't planning on visiting UT this trip, but she felt that she needed to meet Holland...  And we were so thrilled to see her again.  We crashed the Knudsen house several days in a row to see her.

We had a giant Costco chocolate cake along with our game of pinochle to celebrate Trishmas...

It's been 2 years already.  Hard to believe.
Nolan had a FANTASTIC time playing with Dane & Jack.  They have the most amazing back yard, and the boys made good use of it.

I saw this photo that Lillie posted on facebook right before Loraine arrived, of them together when Lillie was about 2...
And I forced her to restage it.

13 now!

Jen's kids were totally enamored with Holland.
Luckily, Holland can sleep through ANYTHING once she's out for the night, and she let them love on her while she slept.

Ben was able to take the kids to the zoo with them the next day (I had to work, so I didn't get to join them)  
Apparently I mostly missed a lot of heat and people...
And some ice cream cones.
We managed to snag a fantastic double stroller from KSL classifieds for a STEAL!  I am so glad we have it.  & even more glad that we didn't pay full price for one. Who knows how much longer Nolan will dig the ride vs. the walk...

Luckily, Holland thought it was a pretty sweet way to see the zoo.

 We're so glad Lolo got to visit and meet Tiny.  
& we're hoping it won't be too long before we see her again.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Randoms

1- Our friend Susan and her wee man Eli came to visit last week.  Eli is 3 months Holland's senior, and we have promised them to each other for future spouses...  that's still OK to do, right?  They look so perfect together!  We had to take a picture so that we would have one of their first meeting to add to the slide show at their wedding.

2- We spent our 4th of July weekend up in Island Park, ID with some friends at their family "cabin".  (Just outside of West Yellowstone) There was much card playing, much eating, and some seeing of the sights worked in...


3- A local grocery store in Island Park put on a fireworks show on Saturday night that you would not believe.  It went on for an HOUR.  We were all bored by the end.  Nolan tried to add to the fun by serenading us with a little Katie Perry.  Unfortunately he only knew one line of the song...