Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After being on real bed rest (I'm not supposed to be up for more than 5 minutes at a time...  which I don't always stick to, but I try) for 8 days now, I am kind of sick of thinking about how I'm stuck here.

In all of his crazy busy life this week, Ben was determined that we have a good Monday night family night, so he bought a "project" for us.  Since it appears that we will be sticking around this house for a while yet, we decided we're going to try again at planting some edibles in our garden.  It's still snowing on and off, so we started our garden in our own little indoor greenhouse.

We have cilantro, basil, yellow string beans, sugar snap peas, lettuce, & spinach seeds to start.
We'll start the corn when it gets a little bit warmer.

Nolan was SO excited to PLANT THINGS!

They added water to the  special pods to help them expand

This is Nolan getting SO excited to add the seeds

He liked dropping them on top...  but he wasn't a fan of getting the dirt on his hands, so we compromised and Ben did all of the burying.  Nolan just dropped in the seeds.

Then they put on the lid...  and we wait.

They had a great time with their project, even if they couldn't both smile for the camera at the same time.

And my blood pressure went back down after a while. . .  I just couldn't sit this one out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This pregnancy just keeps getting better and better.

Today is day 2 of serious bed rest for me.

Thursday afternoon of last week I got a migraine.  So what, you say?  Yeah, so did I.  I get them occasionally.  Less often when I'm pregnant (one every 2 weeks instead of 1-2 a week) but I still get them.  I can usually take a pretty low dose of Excedrin or Fioricet and they go away.  Usually, it only takes one of those solutions.  But that night, neither one worked.  I didn't sleep much and the headache kept raging...  Of course, I panicked a little, having heard a thing or two about pre-eclampsia, and called the dr.  I went in to have them check my blood pressure and it was high.  Way too high.  So they sent me to the hospital to be monitored.  They gave me a shot to relieve the headache, and it went down...  but I was sent home to be on bed rest and monitor my numbers.  Only the way the nurse described bed rest just sounded like "take it easy.  Don't do anything strenuous.  stay off of your feet as much as you can".  So I went to my baby shower, and tried to take it easy over the weekend at my parent's house.
And then, Sunday night, I checked my blood pressure.  It had stayed in the high end of normal all weekend until that time, when it went up pretty high again...  and I felt gross.  So I laid down.  We drove home, and I checked it again when we got here...  and it was even higher.  I had no idea what to do...  so I went to bed.  Decided to call the doctor in the morning.

And 2 days later...  here I sit.  I am officially on bed rest until the end of my pregnancy.  When will that be?  Who knows.  It definitely won't be later than April 14th...  but if my blood pressure goes up again and won't come back down...  it could be earlier than that.

This is definitely not how I expected my pregnancy to end.  I spent so many days at the end of my first one on long walks and nesting that to sit here in bed feels really foreign to me...  even if I am working while I sit here.  It is all I can do not to be up and around and getting ready for this little girl to join us...  but in the end, this is what will get her here safely...  so it's what we're doing.


They're never predictable, are they?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forget Belly Shots

I will now post pictures of my super fat feet once a week so that you can feel sorry for me and my inability to bend my toes. :)

And my inability to reach my toes to repaint them, apparently.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Catching up

What's that?  I didn't post ONCE in February?  


I wish I could say I had a back log of posts all saved up to publish...  but alas.  Between day jobs, night jobs (Ben is teaching a class for BYU's EMPA program this semester along with our OOF work), purging our house in order to get it ready to sell, and pregnancy, and all of the joyful symptoms that come with it in my world...  Let's just say there hasn't been a lot of documenting going on around here.  

I know.  Excuses excuses.

So here are a few things to redeem myself.

First, the Oscars.  I was THRILLED with the winners, for the most part.  I loved The King's Speech.  LOVED it.  I would have been just as happy with Inception winning, but that wasn't going to happen.  I'm just glad The Social Network didn't take home the big prizes.  It deserved the ones it won, and I feel like most everyone got their due...  I WILL come back and do a movie review post...  perhaps next week.  I have a LOOONNGG list to update on, but I'll do it.

Second.  I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow. (I didn't do my hair for this photo...  sorry 'bout that)  32 looonnnggg weeks.  I am still throwing up on average 4 times a day.  Completely exhausted ALL of the time.  If there's anything harder than your first pregnancy...  it's subsequent pregnancies when you have other small beings to take care of on top of the one you're growing.  I must admit...  I hate it.  Every second of it.  I'm SO ready to be done.  I'm scared to death to have a baby again.  Scared to death for the constant neediness and the lack of sleep.

That said, I'm also REALLY excited to meet this little girl.  If everyone could do a lot of praying that she'll be a mellow little angel baby, to make up for the past 9 months, I would really appreciate it.  It would certainly make it easier to look back on the past little while with less stress and more fondness.

Third.  Nolan is currently 3 going on 13.  Bless his heart, he has a real talent for sass.  I can't believe how amazing he's become at communicating what he wants and needs.  I'm curious to know who decided that two is the hardest age...  I'm finding 3 to be much more challenging, as far as behavior.  On the other hand, he is becoming incredibly social and enjoys running off to play with his cousins or his friends.  I love his new found independence.  I love that he can help me a little around the house, even if it often becomes a fight to make him follow through.  I love that he is starting to wrap his brain around things like spelling and addition and imagination.  He has many "pretend friends" that come to hang out with us on a regular basis.  Some of them are characters from his favorite games and shows.  Some are real people that he wishes were at his house to play.  It's hilarious to watch the stories he comes up with.  He's getting to be a real character.  

I redid his interview from last Spring, just to see how much he's changed. I've actually done this several times over the last 6 months, but this one has turned out the best, so check it out!