Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nolan Has An Announcement To Make

And that, my friends, is why you haven't seen much of me for the last 2 months.

This little state that I'm in is, to be totally honest, one of my least favorite things on the earth.  

I wrote a post here during my pregnancy with Nolan called "Pregnancy Sucks".  It has, by FAR, gotten more hits than any other post on my blog.  And by FAAARRR more comments (36) by random strangers than any other.  So I know I'm not alone.

I plan to write a sequel to that post, eventually, but this is not that post. 

This is to let the world at large, those that weren't already aware, that in April,
we will be welcoming a new wee little Hess to our home. 

Only ONE wee little Hess, despite my many fears and dreams that I was carrying twins. . . 
An ultrasound has confirmed that there is just one in there.

Nolan had, at first, stated that he wanted a sister, and that a sister was a boy.  
He has since managed to clear that one up in his head and has stated that he's going to have a brother.  

I think he's right.

Ben, and several others, think it's a girl.

We have many more weeks before we find out who's right.

But for now, we're just praying that I can stop throwing up
so we can get back to life a little bit.

Cross your fingers.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Randoms

1-Have you seen these t-shirts?  Maybe we're just font people at our house. . . but I loved them when I saw them.  And then my awesome sister in law Emily decided to try out stenciling on t-shirts using freezer paper.  And I talked her into making one for Nolan.  He will now thank her:

2- Do your kids wear crocs?  Does it cause their feet to peel badly on the bottoms?  Or is it just my kid?  He doesn't seem to care.  In fact, I've asked if they hurt and he says no. So it's probably not a big deal.  but it looks pretty freaky.

3- My newest music acquisition. . .  Mindy Gledhill's Anchor.  Seriously.  Go get it from iTunes.  I promise you'll like it.

4- Ben was at work on Friday at lunch time, and Nolan and I decided to have a picnic in the back yard.  (I changed my schedule a bit last week, so I was working from home on Friday, which is why I'm just posting this blog NOW)

I thought I'd capture a little bit of crazy toddler stream of consciousness for you.  Because I'm sure you care. . .  I am fascinated by the vocabulary and the grammar he picks up every day.  And he's become a big fat copy cat.  Which is very scary.