Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Randoms

this is Holland's "I don't feel so good" face.

1- We all got sick a couple of weeks ago...  starting with the baby getting croup and then passing along the joy to the rest of us.

This is what I get, I think, for planning on having a Spring baby to avoid getting the plague.  

This is karma laughing in my face.

True, it was only croup and not RSV...  but 3 weeks later we have all FINALLY finished our antibiotics and are not coughing ourselves awake at night.

And that's just wrong when it's 90 degrees outside.

2- Because of the sickness, her Wee Tininess got to go to the dr. with Ben to get drugs.

Her weight...  11 lbs, 10 oz.  
At almost 4 months old.
(Nolan was 17 lbs by now)

She's a skinny mini.  but still growing, so that's OK.

Check her out in the Bumbo.  Not quite sturdy enough to stay in it for long... but we definitely don't need to wedge her in like we did her brother.

3- We have been having a lot of afternoon rain storms this summer.  It brings me back to my VA days.
Upon arriving home from Tamera's one day, Nolan decided he wanted to play in it...  and I was trying to be a cool mom, so I let him. . .

It actually didn't rain for much longer, but the metal roof over our parking spaces was nice enough to create a fountain of water so that Nolan could continue his fun...

I begged Ben to go out and take his picture, as he was SOAKED, and was having so much fun...

 After which, Ben turned the camera on us girls.

 4-  Nolan is a pretty typical 3 year old.  He has obsessions...  Several of them.

He has a marvelous imagination, and is constantly pretending to be a character from one of his favorite shows/games/etc..

 On this day he was wearing his Lego Harry Potter t-shirt while swinging his Yoda light saber...
It's hard to know what's his favorite thing from one day to the next, but I'm guessing that won't change as he gets older.

5- And finally, a first for our family.
Professional soccer!

Every summer my company hosts a party for all of the employees.  There's food and games, and usually it's held at 7 Peaks so that everyone can enjoy the water slide fun.

But a lot of us don't go...  because we don't want to see our co-workers in swim suits, and don't want to be seen in ours.

This year, the company leveraged our RSL sponsorship and got us all tickets to a soccer game instead.

We cheered the team on from great seats surrounded by our friends.

Nolan loved it.  As did my friend Clint's son Vinnie, who was sitting in front of us.  Clint is the resident soccer expert at XANGO, so Nolan chose to sit by him and ask him all about the game.  Clint was nice enough to answer him.

Vinnie looks strikingly like Nolan, doesn't he?  red heads gotta stick together!

As a side note, this was also Nolan's first day without diapers or pull ups, and he weathered it like a CHAMP!  He's going to be fully potty trained before you know it. (finally!)