Friday, November 18, 2011

catching up some more

Annnnddd.... a month later I finally return.  Geez.

A few moments from our fall, in photo form.

Nolan started going to preschool at Challenger up in Lehi 3 days a week.  I drop him off when I go to work and pick him up when I'm done.  He absolutely ADORES it.  He is such a social kid and he loves learning, so this was a no brainer for him.  And it's so close to my office that I am right there if he needs me (which he never has).

He wanted his first day of school photo in dad's tie "because that's what dad wears when he goes to BYU"

Nolan and Holland are fast friends these days.  Sometimes he loves on her a little too much...  but that's pretty natural for an older brother, right?

Holland has entered the brave new world of solid foods.  This was her first meal of oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk, so it wasn't totally foreign)

Frankly, she doesn't love it. She would much prefer to steal whatever we are eating.  
And we let her.
But we also fill her up with this concoction because she's been on a bottle strike for several weeks now and I want to make sure she's getting the good stuff somehow when I'm not home.

We went Trick Or Treating with our good friends the Chandlers on Halloween.  This is their family photo.  They were all good sports.

I was not.  I sort of hate the practice of dressing up.  But I did put Holland in black and then attach stuffed black socks to the Bjorn so she looked like a spider.  That's something, right?
Nolan dressed as Mario again...  Which was convenient for me.

Nolan's birthday is the day after Halloween...  which is fine with him still, because he likes Halloween.  We just did a party with my family to celebrate, because his cousins are some of his favorite people.  And all he wanted was vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting decorated Mario.  So I copped out a bit and printed pictures and put them on toothpicks.  It worked.
We also had vanilla ice cream.  He's a purist, this one.