Sunday, December 04, 2011

Zoo Day

The first day of Thanksgiving holiday started with an impromptu trip to the zoo.  We had a nice day, though a touch chilly, to wander and see the animals.  
 The kids posed with the giant elephant that squirts water in the summer time.  Nolan thought it would be the most fun to climb on the trunk.
 Nolan pretty much worships Tanner.
Can you tell?

 I'm guessing the rhino horn was a little less comfortable than the elephant trunk.  Aubrey got the prime spot for this one.

 All of the kids on the lions.  Nolan was giving his best smile, obviously.

 Tiny posing for daddy's camera.

 In front of the giraffes.  She got so excited when she saw them.  We attribute that to her chew toy, Sophie.We were suckers and got her a stuffed one on the way out of the park.
Nolan from above.  He was banished to the stroller for a lot of the day...  
we'll leave it at that.

Holland & Food

Baby's first Kit Kat...  a post trick or treating snack.

Daddy gave her a first taste of refried beans he brought back from Del Taco.

I'd say she liked them, wouldn't you?