Saturday, December 08, 2007

Eating My Words

Have you ever had an opinion about something, and expressed it freely, to anyone who would listen, only to turn around and totally contradict yourself? Yeah, that's me this week. I have been telling anyone who brings up the iphone how I wouldn't want one this early in the game. I want to wait for a later generation. I like Verizon, I don't want to switch back. Etc. . .

We decided that we would get new phones for Christmas. We both needed them. Ben hated his RAZR and mine was only holding a charge for about 20 minutes of talking at a time after 2 years of my abuse.

We went to the Verizon store at lunch one day, fully intending to find phones that we liked relatively well (because, let's face it, Verizon has a CRAP selection of phones if you are at all discerning) and add them to our existing plan. The end. Merry Christ
mas to us.

Ben wanted a smart phone, which was going to be pricey, and I was trying to be prudent, but the phone snob in me was guaranteed to pick something expensive. And then we started talking to the
salesman. Because this is a family friendly blog (or trying to be), I won't call him all of the names I called him after leaving the store. He was a first class jerk. He got in a big fight with Ben over calling plans, which I won't rehash, but it was unfriendly. He informed us that in order to buy new phones we would have to get a new calling plan, contrary to what previous people had told us on the subject. And just when we were about to hand the man a nice sum of money and be on our way, we instead walked out the door. And away from Verizon forever. (or until we get pissed at AT&T in equal measure 2 years from now and switch back. I don't want to have to eat my words again)

So, now we are the proud owners of the very technology I swore I would wait a while to p
urchase, on a plan that is no more expensive than the one Verizon was trying to make us buy, with free internet access from our phones whenever we want. And I don't miss Verizon, no, not even a little.

I'm a bit giddy, to be truthful, it's a darn cool toy, and considering that it acts as an ipod as well, which neither of us had an updated version of, it was a very good deal.

Merry Christmas to us.


Mrs. Webster said...

WOW! I can't wait to hear this story in person! Dealing with cell phone companies can be SO frustrating. and it sounds like you guys know all about the mess of inconsistent policies and plans, etc. depending on who you talk to. Ugh. Well AT&T lost me, but they gained you. Can't wait to see the new phone!! yay!

janelle said...

wow! i'm so jealous. merry christmas to you, indeed!