Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This pregnancy just keeps getting better and better.

Today is day 2 of serious bed rest for me.

Thursday afternoon of last week I got a migraine.  So what, you say?  Yeah, so did I.  I get them occasionally.  Less often when I'm pregnant (one every 2 weeks instead of 1-2 a week) but I still get them.  I can usually take a pretty low dose of Excedrin or Fioricet and they go away.  Usually, it only takes one of those solutions.  But that night, neither one worked.  I didn't sleep much and the headache kept raging...  Of course, I panicked a little, having heard a thing or two about pre-eclampsia, and called the dr.  I went in to have them check my blood pressure and it was high.  Way too high.  So they sent me to the hospital to be monitored.  They gave me a shot to relieve the headache, and it went down...  but I was sent home to be on bed rest and monitor my numbers.  Only the way the nurse described bed rest just sounded like "take it easy.  Don't do anything strenuous.  stay off of your feet as much as you can".  So I went to my baby shower, and tried to take it easy over the weekend at my parent's house.
And then, Sunday night, I checked my blood pressure.  It had stayed in the high end of normal all weekend until that time, when it went up pretty high again...  and I felt gross.  So I laid down.  We drove home, and I checked it again when we got here...  and it was even higher.  I had no idea what to do...  so I went to bed.  Decided to call the doctor in the morning.

And 2 days later...  here I sit.  I am officially on bed rest until the end of my pregnancy.  When will that be?  Who knows.  It definitely won't be later than April 14th...  but if my blood pressure goes up again and won't come back down...  it could be earlier than that.

This is definitely not how I expected my pregnancy to end.  I spent so many days at the end of my first one on long walks and nesting that to sit here in bed feels really foreign to me...  even if I am working while I sit here.  It is all I can do not to be up and around and getting ready for this little girl to join us...  but in the end, this is what will get her here safely...  so it's what we're doing.


They're never predictable, are they?


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I hope the bed rest ends soon!

Good Luck and feel better!

mel said...

You just do what you gotta do. Any chance Tamera can work a few more days a week? I, too, hope that you feel better and that BP stays down.

Kalli Ko said...

yuuuck, hope she stays in as long as she needs to. Only a few more weeks. In the mean time, catch up on your netflix and take up knitting maybe?

Hel said...

Not Good. I am certain bed rest would drive me crazy. Sending all my positive bed rest vibes your way.

Susanna said...

Oh my. I'm sorry that you have to stay in bed. I hope you can find some enjoyment out of it. Why is it that we have to stay in bed when we don't want to, but can't seem to get to bed when we do want to. It's one of the cruel realities of parenthood I guess.

Can't wait to see this cute little girl!

WhiteEyebrows said...

As you read, I'm way too familiar with this. Happened to Audrey too. On the bright side - at least you get to be home and not have to stay for days in the hospital for monitoring. I was so glad when she delivered and to watch her BP go back normal within the first week. I was so sick of hearing that the "only cure for preeclampsia was delivery" ... I just kept thinking - "then get the %$# baby here!"

Tami said...

I live so close, please call if you need anything! I would be glad to help in any way I can.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

That would make me go crazy! Thank heavens for the computer, right? The dishes, laundry and junk can gladly wait though. I'm with you on doing whatever it takes to get them safely here. Take care!

Vanessa Goertzen said...

I hope you get some nice relaxation before Holland arrives! Have you watched "Damages" on Netflix? Kev and I love it and there are two seasons on instant. Wahoo! I highly recommend it.