Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Randoms

1- We are blessing Holland this weekend at our church.  As such, we have family in town.  A lot of family that's not usually here.  I can't begin to say how excited I am to hang out with my brothers and their familes again.  And see Ben's dad again (so soon!).  And get so many of our dear friends and local family together in one place.

There will be lots of cleaning and cooking over the next few days, but we have some of our favorite kitchen friends in town, so it will be FUN!

2- I am in love with Pinterest
 Like, obsessively in love with it.  It combines my love of pretty things with my need to ORGANIZE.  Especially in a digital sense.  I am really hoping it helps to inspire me to finish a few of those unfinished projects I've had bookmarked forever.

3- A few photos of life in our house this week (before I went back to work)

 Melissa created the comic book shot.  I think it was actually taken a couple of weeks ago...  but it's fun, right?

4- Is there anyone out there that still feels passionately (in a positive way) about his/her job?  I listen to a lot of people talk about their work, and it has started me wondering...  This economy leaves everyone with fewer choices, more responsibility, and less pay for the hard work we do.

At what point does all of this discontent lead to a work force that is SO annoyed with their current situations that they turn off their brains and their productivity and become a group who just shows up and collects a pay check, but doesn't actually accomplish much?

I'm not an economist, or a psychologist...  these are just things I wonder...

5- While getting my hair cut last weekend, I had the stylist try to teach me how to do my hair in the very popular look seen here:

So the question of the weekend...  Will I be able to do this to my own hair?  Or will it just turn out straight because I'm doing it with a flat iron and am not as skilled as said stylist?

And more than that...  will it even look good if I DO get it to work?

I will return with photographic evidence of the answer, as we're having family pictures taken on Sunday.  Wish me luck! (and leave me any tips you might have, if you know how to do this on your own head)


Vanessa Goertzen said...

Oh I use a flat iron to curl my hair and it is the best! And you probably didn't know, but my hair does NOT (or at least DID NOT) hold curl. For some reason, it works.

Post some pics!


Rachel said...

Amen to the job part, but I don't need to worry about that anymore. I know very few people who LOVE their jobs. My dad is an architect that specializes in Log Homes. He genuinly loves his job. And why not, he creates awesome customized log cabin/homes in mountains all over the western US. But because of the economny people are really jumping to build second homes.

As far as the hair issue. I can do it to Maura's hair, but everytime I try on my own hair, it looks like I rolled it in large popscicle sticks and permed it that way. Not a good look.

Rachel said...

I meant to say "aren't jumping to build" One day of unemployment and already my mind is going.