Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Randoms

1- We went to a little concert a couple of weeks ago.  
I was a little antsy to spend a evening away from home, and there was this FREE concert, nearby, and kid friendly!  So we decided to go. It was Mindy Gledhill & Meghan Smith, and they were amazing.

We ran into some old friends, and were lucky enough to share a space with them, because the concert was PACKED.  Our friend Leslie even stole Holland away and held her while she slept through the WHOLE concert.    Which gave Nolan and I some opportunities to boogie...  Does he not look like he is having a fabulous time?

2-  We did our traditional Father's Day photo for Ben (see here and here) about 3 minutes before he walked in the door the day before.  Not being home very often when he's not, I didn't get a chance before then, and it shows...  but his kids still love him, even if their photo is a little lame.  (also, it appears that I didn't post last year's photo, and that's OK, because it was a little scary in its own right)

3- Our friends Melinda & Skylar have been together FOREVER, it seems.  We first met them during our first year of Sweeney Todd, almost 10 years ago!   Well, they are finally tying the knot, and our friend Marcie threw a big fat shindig for them at her house last Saturday to celebrate.  It was gorgeous.  They were gorgeous, and Melinda started having second thoughts about never having kids when she met Holland.
Congrats, you guys!

4- And lastly, for now, Tamera asked me to bring the quilt my mom made Holland to her house the other morning.  I didn't know quite what she had in mind at the time...  but look what she did!  

I have to admit to thinking my kids are pretty darn cute...



Natalie said...

Look at that smile! I haven't seen her smile yet! So cute!

Anna said...

You're not biased. Your kids ARE cute. And exceedingly red-headed. Love the quilt pics! (And the quilt.)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures of your kids. I'm jealous of your photog connections!