Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing Catch Up

We've moved!  We painted all of the bedrooms before we moved in, and we are so happy with the results.  It's taking us a while to get settled, so I haven't taken photos yet, but I will soon.  

 Now we just have to spend the summer putting in a yard.  Joy!
We have been spending a lot of time in Home Depot, to say the least.

Holland turned 1!  I can't even believe that she has become such a big girl.  

A few items of note about Holland:
She, unlike her notoriously picky brother, will eat ANYTHING.  She loves food.  All kinds of food.  

She has been cruising for months, but doesn't seem to have any desire to walk independently.  

She is a total mama's girl.  I love it and am frustrated by it simultaneously.  Mostly I love it.

She is a chatty little thing.  She says mama & dada and a vague version of "all done" and "I love you".  But mostly, she loves to growl.  She has an impressive one.

She has been teething in a very painful way for weeks (or months).  She has basically gotten 6 teeth all at once.  The last of those 6 is just about to break through.  We're all hoping that she gets to live with the 8 teeth she has before she has to start getting more.

She does not yet sleep through the night.  She is a bit of a pill on that point.  We're working on it, though.  I have high hopes...

Nolan is getting bigger and stronger and smarter every day.  He is sounding out words and reading really well now.  He is obsessed with several things on alternating days.  Pokemon, Star Wars, and Legos.  He was not thrilled about leaving his old room to move into the new one (which I refused to paint exactly like his old one) but the play room has won him over and he's happy in the new place. 


mel said...

LOVE the new house, LOVE the great eater, LOVE the fantastic reader, LOVE your updates. xoxo

B said...

Hey Melanie,

It's fun reading your blog--thanks. Love your sense of humor! I related to the simultaneous frustration with and loving Holland being "mama's girl." Ohhhh yes. Congrats on the new house!


Emily S. said...

Fun fun fun compilation of photos! So much fun to see your babies grow! (And I confess to being particularly fold of your clothing choices for them... ha!)

Claudia said...

Wow your new house looks gorgeous! Please tell Ben we may be having a Karaoke reunion soon with the McMurrays!!

Team O'Connor said...

Melanie! It's been so long. Your kids are freaking adorable and I love your new house! It's good to see that you are doing great. I love all of your pictures! -Carrie