Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A surprise trip...

We took a last minute trip to CA last weekend thanks to one of Ben's former students and the free tickets to Disneyland that she gave us.  We didn't tell Nolan what we were doing until the morning we left, and even then we just said we were going to California.

That night, on the walk to dinner from our hotel, Nolan started figuring it out...

Peter met us in California Adventure and then had dinner with us.  
It was so much fun to see him again!

And on top of all of that... Downtown Disney had a Lego store!

Little did he know that the next day held a trip to Legoland!  
And with his cousins to boot!  
More surprises!

 After Legoland we had a marvelous dinner at a delicious burger place near Tiff & Kurt's house, followed by frozen yogurt and a run through the water...

And the next day, a trip to the beach in Del Mar.
Nathan & Jenny were able to join us again, so it was a great day of playing with so many cousins!


We had such a fabulous time in San Diego.  
We are so lucky to have such great family down there to stay with when we're there.
The Wickhams are some of the best hosts ever. Our kids LOVED their kids and Holland was OBSESSED with their dog, Lucky.


Melissa Leilani said...

Going to Disneyland AND Legoland without me is just — there are no words. Nolan and I are on the verge of a serious break, I'm afraid.

Stefanie said...

A few observations:

1) wow, your kids are freaking adorable
2) Holland is TOTALLY your mini me -- even her smile screams MEL!
3) your hair is SO long!
4) you need to get in more photos -- I miss seeing your mug!


mel said...

What a great surprise! So glad you had a nice vacation with friends and family. The light in CA is so different and beautiful. I agree with Stef, it was super nice to see you in the photos!

Tiffany said...

Loved seeing your pictures...but loved seeing you more! Thanks for making the effort to come down. We love when you come to visit!

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