Monday, February 04, 2008

Nolan's Blessing

We blessed Nolan yesterday. Unfortunately, some of our family was snowed in and couldn't make it, due to the ridiculous weather we keep having. We were grateful for those that did make it, though, and we had a great day with all of them. Here are a few pictures of the day:

Nolan in his blessing outfit. The truth is, I had to put him back in it later on in the evening to take this picture because I forgot to take one before I changed him earlier. I'm hoping he won't grow out of this before we can get sealed, so I was extra careful to make sure he didn't soil it. . .

The members of my extended family that came to the blessing.

The Webster clan.

The 5 cousins on my side.
Ethan, Nolan, Tanner, Carter, & Aubrey


Heidi said...

I love his blessing outfit! I'm not a huge fan of the little tiny 'suits' for boy babies...why would I want my infant son to look like a grown man? Weird. Nolan's outfit is just beautiful, very classic and kind of vintage-looking. What a special day for you all! :)

Loraine Edwards said...

Could you photoshop me in so I look like I was there!