Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Roundup

We had a pretty mellow weekend at the Hess household. We did some reading with Nolan. He's loving the Runaway Bunny.

We also did a lot of laying about watching TV on DVD. Melissa introduced us to a Canadian series called Slings & Arrows, and we were hooked. It's about theatre people, after all, and shows a surprising amount of the process. We're about half way through the 3 seasons so far (it's not that impressive, though. There are only 6 episodes per season).

Saturday I went to redeem the gift card Ben got me for Christmas. I got a wonderful hour long massage at the Aveda salon in the mall. I love that place, and I loved my massage. I wish I could spend an hour of every day like that. The massage therapist was hardcore. When I said I wanted a deep tissue massage, she did not disappoint. It was awesome.

Sunday afternoon was spent baking, at least by me. Nolan hung out on the couch using his dad as a pillow while Ben played Lego Star Wars. It worked out pretty well for everyone.

I made some sugar cookie dough to use to make cookies for family night. I also made some birthday cupcakes for Melanee. Her birthday isn't until tomorrow, but since I won't be in the office, I had to bring them early. These pictures don't do them justice (I don't have my real camera with me. Had to use the phone again). They're lemon chiffon cupcakes with citrus cream cheese frosting, and I have to say, they turned out pretty well. I tried out the chocolate swirls I had seen people use before as decoration. They were actually pretty easy, once I figured out the right technique. I think it's something I'll definitely try again.


Heidi said...

I love the look on Nolan's face in that first picture..he looks absolutely enthralled! LOL

Those squiggles in the tops of the cupcakes are neat! I'd love to hear how you made them. Cute!

Melanie said...

The squiggles were surprisingly easy. I melted some melting chocolates and put them in some little accordian piping things that came with Ben's cookie press (like this one
and then just made squiggles on wax paper and put them in the freezer to get hard. I broke a lot trying to peel them off and put them on the cupcakes, but I made tons, so it didn't matter.

Jules said...

I actually like the cupcake pictures. They have this nice haziness about them, almost as if I'm seeing them in my dreams. :-)

Can you tell I'm hungry? :-)