Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Randoms

1- I have eaten my weight in Kit-Kats this week. Stupid Halloween.

2- I'm doing cupcakes for the Oh Sweet Sadie! show again. It's a 5 day long show (Nov 18-21, with a special preview night on the 17th) out at Daybreak. It's going to be exhausting, I'm betting, but it's also going to be AWESOME. If anyone needs some cupcakes. . . come on over. I'm doing some holiday flavors, I think. . . Do you like how well I've planned for it so far?

3- We are SOOOO close to launching the website for the new business. I am SOOOO tired of tweaking it. . . but I need it to be just right. . .

Launching a business is not for the faint of heart. It's exhausting. I'm ready to have it all sorted out and get to work on other people's work!

4- I meant to talk about this earlier, but I've been a slacker. A couple of weeks ago, we met Peter & Carrie for brunch in Salt Lake. We went to the Wild Grape. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to think, going in. . . but holy COW it was yummy. Their concept? "The extensive use of fresh, sustainable, locally produced often organic, products." Man does it work for them.

Go. Get the waffles. They were heavenly.

5- And a little Nolan note. . . his two favorite movies right now. . .


and Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland
(which Tamera got him for his birthday)

He is constantly asking to watch them. And while it's a break from Word World and other 22 minute TV shows. . . the movies get old fast. Ah, to parent a toddler.


Stefanie said...

I can recite most of Nemo and Wall-E by heart now! But, it can buy me an hour of 'free' time, so I guess that's the price I pay.

My vice this week has been Milky Ways...mmmm!

Cyndie said...

I think we watched Cars four times one day in August. It was a lot.

Tea Marie Photography said...

Haha I'm so glad he likes the movie. :) That makes me happy even though I am sick of it as well. At least we can sing the songs with him- it makes him giggle.

Emily S. said...

"I can recite most of Nemo and Wall-E by heart now! But, it can buy me an hour of 'free' time, so I guess that's the price I pay."

What Stef said. Exactly. Those exact two movies.

HURRAH for good food, websites getting done, and Kit Kats!!

Marianne said...

I've eaten way to much Halloween Candy too. Why???

Jenny Webster said...

YAY! He has the cars bug! Tanner started loving that as well at his age. It's a fun one for the boys. Also after seeing your post Tanner has asked me to see if you can bring the new Mickey movie at Thanksgiving..."because he hasn't seen that one" and would like to watch it with Nolan! Ha! so funny the things kids think about!

P.S. sorry for the very long comment!