Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Randoms

Since I've been a useless blogger lately, I thought a nice randoms post would go further toward catching me up than anything else, even though it's not Friday.

1- Craft show is over. And boy am I glad. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. I figured a 5 day show would yield twice as many sales as a 2 day show. Alas, that was not the case. So I baked twice as much as I needed. Really wish I hadn't.

2- Candy Cane Kisses. Seriously. Delicious. Don't even get me started on how much I love them. Wait, am I repeating myself? That's probably a sign that you should run out and get some, pronto.

3- I have 11 more days of vacation to use before the end of the year. Not as impressive as last year's total at this point, but it should offer a nice long Christmas vacation on top of several shopping days. And I can't argue about that. I might even see a movie or two in December!

4- I have a confession to make. For years, I thought I hated pumpkin. Like, seriously BELIEVED in my soul that I hated pumpkin. But 2 weeks ago at work, we had a taste test/contest involving pumpkin. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes. I didn't taste them before hand. But in order to participate, I had to taste the other competitor's work. . .

And it turns out. . .

I don't hate pumpkin.

I hate the slimy version of pumpkin that makes up pumpkin pie. I don't like the texture. But the flavor of pumpkin? Not so bad!

I admit that I didn't give pumpkin a fair shake.

judgy judgy me.

5- I have a request. If anyone sees a screaming deal on a portable DVD player in the next few weeks, will you yell in my general direction? I feel that we MUST have one for our drive to AZ for Christmas, but all of our business expenses of late mean that we need one that won't break the bank. I'm ALMOST tempted to go out on Black Friday to find one. . .

but then I remember how I'd pretty much do ANYTHING not to go out on Black Friday.


Amanda said...

Candy Cane kisses are to die for. LOVE them.

Are you loving Glee??? I am so sad it's only on once a week!

Hel said...

so sorry that not all your cupcakes sold. I would have bought the rest had I been anywhere near your craft show.

So I can't tell you about ripping deals on portable DVD players, BUT I can tell you that we bought one for Isabel to have on the flight home last Christmas. Much emphasis was placed on battery and play life. I am so impressed with the one that we got. I can't remember how much it cost, but it's a panasonic wide screen. Isabel has pretty much done everything to it, it really has taken a beating and it still lives... and is still running for hours on end without needing a recharge.

I'll get you the exact model if you would like. Let me know.

Heidi said...

I HATE pumpkin pie. Bleh. I thought I was just being silly so a few years ago I finally tasted it and I was right. I still hate it! But I LOVE pumpkin muffins, cookies, bread, etc. I'm with you--it's totally the texture of the pie filling that grosses me out.

We are on our 3rd portable DVD player. I'm telling you, those things are worth their weight in GOLD. Hope you find one.

Rachel said...

I have a portable DVD player with your name on it! We bought our mini van that came with one installed in it and we already had one of those with 2 screens that go over the seat rests. They only work for car rides and not airplanes, but I will never use it again and I have tried to get rid of it but everyone i know already has one. Let me know if you want it!