Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Randoms

1- I am THIS CLOSE to being done with my Christmas shopping. I am determined to be completely finished by Monday. Just a few more little things yet to do. But we leave for AZ in 2 weeks, so it doesn't feel as ahead of schedule as it sounds . . .

But saying I'm done with the shopping also doesn't account for all that still needs to be done. There is some making involved in the Christmas presents too. . .

2- We got a new baby at our house. A brand new 27" iMac to help us with our budding new business. To say that's a really big screen is HUGELY understating things. To say I love it? ALSO hugely understating.

3- I am currently dumping ALL of the video from our camera, that has not been uploaded in MONTHS to said new computer. Here is a little preview of Nolan's current trickery. It's a clip of his 2nd birthday. And keep in mind that this starts on about the 15th time I'd lit the candle. His signs are for More and Please, in case you don't speak toddler sign.

4- One of the projects I have going on right now is editing a video for Christmas for my grandparents. (It's safe to announce that here as they don't have the internet, so they'll never read this) My mom and her 5 sisters have compiled a huge stack of photos and a few video clips to present to them for Christmas, and I have to admit. . . putting it together is making me tear up a bit. First, because I'm used to putting these kinds of things together for funerals, but in this case, it's not like that at all. They are both alive and kickin' (in the way people in their late 70s kick at least) And second, because how FUN is it to go back and look at your history in such a concrete way? I love it! I love that I get to see pictures of my grandparents on their wedding day. . . of my aunts and mom as kids. . . of myself and the other grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. SUCH a cool legacy.

5- Does anyone have a favorite new Christmas album they can suggest? I always make a little mix of Christmas songs each year, and I need some new stuff. . .


Cyndie said...

[Jeremy] Christmas music has to be at least somewhat nostalgicy.

Though I had never heard of it, I felt an instant yearning for peppermint and my parents' old record player when I heard Fats Domino's "Christmas is a Special Day". It's relaxing and oldish sounding, and should therefore be good. And ever since Ray Charles' Star Spangled Banner in Sandlot, Ray Charles has always represented happy nostalgia. His album The Spirit of Christmas is good, if you liked Sandlot. See also Christmas with the Beach Boys.

But depending on your inclination for a modern sound, you might also consider:

A Twisted Christmas: Live / Twisted Sister (really. Worth a listen).
Christmas with Weezer/ Weezer
Christmas in the Dogghouse/Snoop Dog (didn't try, but its very existence is noteworthy).

mel said...

Oh - Nolan! That is hilarious! I love that he was "waiting" for you to sing before he blew that one time... well, he almost waited... ;)
I, too, am feeling overwhelmed by my to do/craft/buy list. I keep forgetting the "buying" part, though. You think anyone else will notice??

Natalie said...

Seriously, that video of Nolan is soooo cute!!!

Elneeta said...

I think the CD came out a little while ago, but i like the McGarrigle Christmas Hour. It is a little "hippy," a little sitting around the piano/guitar singing songs, and a little different. It might not be for everyone, but I enjoy it. Where in AZ are you guys going to be?

Stefanie said...


#1 -- impressed that Nolan can direct his breath enough to blow out that candle -- max just makes a spraying noise (I'm sure he IS spraying).

#2 -- I can TOTALLY tell you guys are theatre folk by just HEARING you sing! LOVE IT!