Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So, Thanksgiving happened. . .

Honestly, the actual day OF Thanksgiving, I spent a good portion of the day sleeping, or slightly loopy. I had an AWFUL migraine that WOULD NOT DIE, and after every possible option was exhausted, including a 2 hour nap, during which Ben completed the task of cooking ALL of our dinner contributions with NO help from me, we went for the big guns. (wow that was a run on sentence)

I took two of my mom's Fiorecet. And boy HOWDY, did that work.
It also made me really out of it for several hours. And I honestly can't remember much of that day. . . except that it was a delicious meal, and that the kids were really well behaved and it was pretty serene (with the exception of my special child, who only wanted rolls and to get DOWN from the table).

But, Nolan had a great time playing with his cousins.

And making use of all of Logan's baby gear. . . Apparently he needed a seat a little lower to the ground.

We were very lucky to have Jeremy and Emily in town for the whole week, which gave us an excuse to throw a party for them and their wee girl that will be making an appearance in February. Here are a few outtakes from the shower (I really didn't take many photos. duh)

(The guest of honor is on the right)

Their nursery is going to have orange as it's accent color, so I went with that. . .

candy sticks with cute tags. . . one of my favorite favors for showers

We packed a LOT into a short weekend (Nathan, Jenny & Tanner didn't get in until Saturday morning) and had so much fun. I wish my brothers and their families didn't have to leave. We miss having them around so much! But we all had something to be thankful for, in having the whole clan together again.

More to come very soon on family photos and our trip to the children's museum.


Stefanie said...

Yuck on the migraine -- but WOWZA on the shower decorations! That looks AWESOME!!

Bonnie said...

What a sucky thanksgiving gift. At least you had a drug to kill it. Interesting thing, that's what my mom ALWAYS used when she got migranes.