Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- These photos represent our weather over the past 2 weeks.  I am not even kidding.  And I am so over it.  It's MAY ALREADY! 

2- I got a new computer at work yesterday.  A shiny new MacBook Pro.  It made my heart sing as I carried it out of the building.  Even with a 2 year old with me to coax to the car. . .

And then I got it home and bumped the power cable at one point in the day. . .  and it turned off.  INSTANTLY.

Apparently one of the super special IT guys dropped it and got it wet. . .  How?  Please say he didn't drop it in a toilet.  Please!  I have no idea.  It was fixed once, and then we discovered the fix was incomplete. It's brand spanking new!  NO FAIR!

It has now gone to the Mac doctor and I am back to my old machine. . .  which they thankfully hadn't cleared off yet, and I'm crying a little.  Hopefully I will get it back soon.

3- Most things, Nolan is completely content to eat with his hands.  Which is weird, because he really hates to be sticky.  Hates to be dirty. . .  it's a little OCD.  And he is managing to use a fork with some skill these days, so I thought I'd capture it.  This was last weekend on his half birthday.  We celebrated a little.  We switched the rail on his bed to the toddler version. (you'd think I would have taken a picture.  You'd be wrong)  More on that later when I get my act together.

4- I need a really good "TO DO LIST" app for my iphone.  I need it to sync with ical.  I need it to be so simple to use that a monkey could do it.  (because that's how well my brain feels like it's functioning these days)

Anyone have any ideas?

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gd said...

My husband and I both use Remember The Milk...I don't know what ical is, but he has the version that can be used with his iphone. Em turned me on to it, and I lo-o-o-ove it! Even on days when I feel draggy and like the LAST thing I can do is actually put thought into things.