Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two a half

When you ask Nolan how old he is, he will hold up 2 fingers and say "Two a half!"  he leaves out the and, but really. . .  it's still adorable.

So, recently our good friend Kevin Goertzen lost his job.  WIth his wife nearing her due date with their first child, and law school on the horizon in the fall, finding another gig is going to be tricky, to say the least.  So Kevin is filling his time with something he's always loved, but never really had time to pursue fully before.  Photography.

He's done a lot of head shots for actor friends and acquaintances, but as he gets new equipment, he's decided he wants to branch out a bit and get more creative.  So I offered Nolan up as a subject for his creativity.  (I know, I'm generous, right?)

We tried for a "Newsies" sort of look.  Kevin got some pieces from the Hale and we dressed Nolan up.  And truly, I was not at ALL sure Nolan was going to go for this.  Not at ALL.  He loves Kevin.  & he was more than excited to go to his house.  But getting my kid to hold still for very long. . .  not easy.  But he did amazingly well, given a few chances to run in between sets.  Check it out!

And then, when we had exhausted those options (we tried some of Nolan sleeping on the papers, but in trying to make him pretend to sleep, he really just looked like he was crying)  I asked Kevin to snap a few of Nolan in an outfit I bought last fall for a photoshoot, that ended up being way too big at the time.  And it seemed a shame to waste a perfectly good (if now well worn) outfit. . .   So here you go:

I love these because Nolan was comfortable enough with Kevin that these pictures REALLY capture who my kid is right now.  Not to mention, they're awfully pretty.

Kevin is open to more guinea pigs, and has given me permission to pimp him out on my blog. . .  so let me know, and I'll get you his number.  He's got super reasonable rates because he's still building his portfolio. . .  and he needs more willing subjects to try out his creative ideas. 

Thanks, Kevin!


mel said...

What a cutie! He is not allowed anywhere near Miss N as she would undoubtedly fall in love with him and we would have to move to Utah. On second thought, can we get an 16x20 to put in her bedroom? ;)

Heidi said...

In those last photos it struck me how much he looks like a little boy, rather than a toddler. He's getting big! I love the green on his shirt with his red hair.

Tiffany said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see you guys!

Natalie said...

Oh, so cute!!! We might have to have him do some of our kids.

Anna said...

He does look like a serious little boy. Not much of that toddler left. Sniff!
But I am loving the shots with the newspaper. So cool!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Super cute! I love the newsie's shots :D

Loraine Edwards said...

What a little performer he is. Where did he get that from?