Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Randoms

And boy HOWDY, will it be random.  But lest you think that my constant fetus sickness (I borrowed that term from Carina) had deprived my child of any of the requisite holiday cheer, I will now show you otherwise.

1-  Nolan FINALLY put his mustache on for a photo.  For Tamera, of course. This was at her family Halloween party, which was so much fun.  They really went all out!

2- We also had our yearly caramel apple party, which was a bit scaled down this year, and didn't involve our usual pumpkin patch trip, mostly because it was snowing, which didn't inspire me to take a 3 year old out in a muddy field. . .  But he still enjoyed decorating his apple!

3- We spent our Thanksgiving week in AZ.  And I have to say, like going to Seattle when it's sunny, being in AZ in the winter makes me want to move.  It's a beautiful time of year to be there.  Especially when it's nasty and snowy in UT.

Nolan had a fantastic time playing with Tiff's girls, and the kids even ate their turkey (or in Nolan's case, just rolls) out on the back patio while the adults ate inside.  Have I mentioned how much I love having a child who is finally old enough to run around with his cousins without constant supervision?

4- So far, our Christmas preparations are going surprisingly well.  We even let Nolan help decorate the tree!  He had a lot of fun, and while I had to rearrange a few ornaments, he did a pretty good job.  And it was pretty exciting for him to get to put the star on top of the tree.  

And we WILL be getting Christmas cards mailed!  
That's right!  That was not an empty threat I made in my last post.  Cards are on their way!

5- And finally, last night at Ben's housing Christmas party, they had a visit from Santa.  Nolan was not interested in sitting on his lap, but he was willing to stand next to him and tell him that he wanted "Lego Hogwarts Castle".  He was very disturbed when Santa offered him a bag of candy, thinking that he was getting candy INSTEAD of the gift he asked for.  That was a pretty entertaining thing to try to explain. 

(and that sweet orange mustache can be attributed to the orange soda we gave him in order to bribe him into eating ONE MEASLY ROLL before running off to play.  I'm not even going to go into his eating issues right now, but let's just say they are extensive.)


Tamera said...

That's HILARIOUS about Santa. I can totally see Nolan getting upset to be given a bag of candy when he asked for the same thing he's been asking for for months. :)

And at least he ate for me yesterday so he got SOMETHING in that stubborn tummy of his.

Megan said...

As Lori said last night at dinner: I don't remember ever choosing playing over eating. Why is it so hard to get children to eat? But Nolan is a great kid and I loved the fun photos in your random thoughts.

mel said...

I love how you tied everything up in one post. I need to take lessons from you! And, I think you have a little drama kid on your hands. He is fantastic in these photos. The stories that go along with them are perfect. If only your little ham would eat some.

Stefanie said...

So cute! We are having eating issues now too -- I am not sure how a child can survive on so little food....but he appears to be doing just fine!

The tree looks beautiful, BTW!

Emily S. said...

LOVe the randoms, my friend! The mustache is CRAZY, the Santa-gypping-Nolan tale is priceless....