Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Have A Plan

I want to send out Christmas cards this year.

Don't laugh.  I'm serious.

TRUE, we've never sent a legitimate Christmas card in our married lives.

TRUE, we didn't even get around to a DIGITAL card last year.

And last year I wasn't pregnant and sick as a dog.

But we are DOING IT this year.  

So if you want to test my resolve, this is all you have to do 
(because heaven forbid I plan ahead and save last year's cards for addresses)

Send me an email with your mailing address. 
melaniewhess at gmail

We are taking a picture this weekend 
(thank heaven Nolan's nanny is also a photographer)

I am ordering cards.

I WILL mail them.

If you want to be on our list, I want you to be on our list.
Even if it's just to see if I'll actually follow through.


Natalie said...

Send me one!

Tamera said...

I LOVE them! They turned out so cute! I'm excited! If you want me to design one let me know. :) What I do for my family instead of ordering is use the HP everyday photo paper and just print them off. I can get two onto the letter size paper so it turns out to be cheaper. :)