Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in UT

This year was the year for gathering at the Webster abode for Christmas.  I can't tell you HOW grateful I was not to be making a huge drive.  The storms were frequent, and luckily Jeremy & Emily had the flexibility to adjust their schedule so that they didn't get stuck.

We missed Nathan & Jenny & their kids a ton, but we tried to make the most of the group that was there...  And I have to say, for me at least, this was the least chaotic holiday we've had in a while.   We did a little nativity, and we only captured it on video (which I have yet to upload), but I stole a few of Emily's photos to share.

Sienna as baby Jesus...  Right?  How freaking cute is SHE?

And equally adorable... Logan as Joseph...  holding his trusty measuring tape.  
(He WAS a carpenter after all)
We forced the kids to pose in a group cousin photo... because that's what we do...
and one for grandpa's computer monitors...
Nolan got the Legos he asked for, as well as a pillow pet, from Santa...  
and we tried desperately to avoid Si Si ingesting one...

After a wonderful Christmas, we went home and braved the elements a few times to see one of our favorite Brits.  Loraine was in town again and we were so giddy to get to see her for the second time in one year.  We even got to celebrate her birthday (I won't say which one) along with New Years Eve at our house, which was such fun!


Nolan loves his aunty LoLo, even if this is a super awkward "Cheese" face he's making...  in his defense it was VERY late (after midnight) on New Years)

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