Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sundancing 2011

Sundance has been a bit compressed this year...  piling a bunch of films into one weekend, and then leaving the final one for just a couple of days later.  We did this for a reason...  Dallas and Helen were supposed to come up from AZ for the festival, but alas, a very sick little girl made it impossible for this year.

This photo kind of sums up the experience, except that, frankly, I was smiling because Melissa was making me laugh, not because I was completely content. . . I mean, I was was content...  just tired.  This was right before movie #4 of the day for me, and to say my pregnant self was a little tired...  that would be an understatement.  Which is sort of dumb, because I basically sat on my rear end the whole day.

Ben was happily killing pigs on his phone... and I'm not sure WHAT was so important to Nick, but clearly it required a great deal of focus.

Anyway, here are our 4 films (I also went to see The King's Speech in the middle of the first day because we had a break) and how I felt about each...

Let's just say this was a vaguely interesting concept that could have been brilliant, but instead fell flat on its face.  It was about a guy who had a compulsive need to drink human blood, but went about it in a different way...  It was directed by a Japanese man who didn't speak English, but the film was in English.  And let's just say that the disconnect he must have had with the actors was quite apparent.  
If, by some miracle, it gets picked up...  skip it.

The Guard
I can probably count on one hand the number of Sundance films I've ever seen that I laughed out loud through...  at least because they were genuinely funny.  This movie was HILARIOUS.  The language was pretty awful, but I know it's been picked up, so if language doesn't bug you, see it.  You will laugh your head off.  & Brendan Gleeson is AMAZING.

Like Crazy
This movie has received RAVE reviews from critics.  RAVE reviews.  And none of the 4 of us that saw it have any clue why. And it's not that we don't generally like independent film.  Not at all.  But this movie was DULL!  The characters had no arc.  There was very little dialogue, and what there was felt improved (in a bad way).  It was a little too "slice of life" for any of us...  So, WHAT are we missing that every critic that saw it loved?  Is it because the director is someone they like and therefore they SHOULD like his work?  No idea.  But I didn't like it.  At all.  And when it's up for an Oscar next year, I will still maintain that position.

The Ledge
So, when I was wtching this movie, I got swept along a little.  The actors are good ENOUGH that you try to care.  (Patrick Wilson in particular) You try to follow along and expect it to hit some sort of great climax.  It really just doesn't.   It should, though.  The idea of it is a good one.  It's just suffering, in a big ugly way, from writer/director syndrome...  sad.  I like this review of it a lot.  
And I'm not willing to tell you that much about it...  so read his instead.

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Hel said...

So sad we missed it. It's kind of a subject that isn't discussed around here at the moment. ;( As an extra kick in the stomach, I got sick Saturday night and am just getting over the "death warmed up" feeling. I'm glad you liked The Guard... we are looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.