Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Licking the Beaters

Sunday morning, Ben was kind enough to make the treat for Sunday School while I was busy getting the lesson ready.

He used the brownie mix from the AWESOME Lehi Roller Mills gift box that Hilary & Shayne's family sent for Christmas (which looked very much like this one)

As you didn't have to add any eggs to the mix, he let Nolan lick the beaters. . . and I think the verdict was, he loved it!

(Also, the brownies were officially TASTY)


emily said...

ooh-- so jealous of that gift pack!! And that beater!!

*jess* said...

holy cuteness (nolan, i mean!)...and what a cool little pack!!

Anna said...

Oh Yum! A man after mine own heart. And what a great gift pack.

Stefanie said...

Such a lucky boy to get the beaters!! YUM YUM!