Friday, April 24, 2009

Buckled In


Yesterday while I was working from home, Nolan was playing in the living room, as usual. The car seat from Ben's car was in the house, having been removed for cupcake transport last weekend, and Nolan LOVES to sit in it to watch TV when it's there.

Yesterday, he took it to a new level. He INSISTED that I buckle him in. And then he spent 20 minutes trying to buckle and unbuckle himself. Maybe not a skill I want him to know just yet. . .


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Beth said...

I can totally see Bella doing the same thing. She's a bit obsessed with chairs also. Anything she can sit in keeps her entertained... which is nice.

What isn't nice is when she decides she needs a different chair and tries to carry it from the other room. There is always tears involved!