Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Time

It is a tradition in the Nielsen family to have an Easter egg hunt in my grandparent's back yard every year. It's a well orchestrated event. . . incredibly fair. . . each child is told to only pick up one of each kind of candy. And while the new inlaws have pointed out to us that this is a bizarre practice, and that egg hunts should be a free for all. . . we persist, because it's all about fairness in our family.

Nolan was far too little to participate last year, but this year we figured he'd love it! And he did. . . he loves candy. . . but he didn't really get it. Mostly, he just tried to carry the candy around in his arms, not understanding that the basket was to be used to carry it all. And after picking up 5 or 6 pieces, he just planted himself under the swings to enjoy. . .

Here, he is highly confused about why everyone keeps telling him to put his candy in the basket. . .
And now he is enjoying his spoils. . . He has this thing lately with keeping food in his cheeks for hours, sometimes. A great many of our pictures from the Easter egg hunt were of him looking like a squirrel.

NOW he's getting it!

He even got to hit the pinata!
(Yes, it is duct taped together. . . everyone had to have a chance to hit it, and it would have broken way too early otherwise)

The hunters
Also a tradition to take a picture on the steps after the hunt and the pinata.

A family picture

Nolan's sweet Easter outfit.
Unfortunately these are the only shots I got of him that day. It was a very busy day, and very warm, so I didn't leave him in all of the layers all day.

Posing for me

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


Bonnie said...

our family did the whole. . . you can only have so many of these types of candy. . . but we also did different areas for different ages.

Jules said...

He's just so big! My goodness.

Rae Lynne said...

It was so nice to see you at your grandparents' house for the Easter party. Ever since we moved here we never miss it and it's so great to see people like you and your family that we don't get to see in the flesh very often. Nolan looked adorble in his Easter Sunday clothes. I just love that sweater! Take care :)

Tea Marie Photography said...

My parents just do a different color egg for all the grandkids so that they don't have to worry about checking the candy. :) Then she just does all the eggs the same for each kid so they get the same amount. A lot of the eggs are filled with dimes and nickels, LOL.