Monday, April 20, 2009

Cell Phone Captured

I have many many things I could blog about. . . but I am ill prepared today, so I will, instead, offer you a random smattering of cell phone photos of Nolan. Because between our iphone and Tamera's, we have a lot of funny moments caught in all of their badly lit, out of focus glory. Welcome to Nolan's life:

This is what his normal days consist of:

Shape sorting in the boat from the Easter bunny. And for the first time ever, he's got 2 binkies, not just one. (I cannot get him to repeat this)

Ta-da! Very proud of himself for something

Farm magnets on the fridge

It's not a shoe! It's a phone!

Reading Tamera's book with her

A rather posed moment with his toys

He loves being outside. If only it would stay warm!

running around the cul-de-sac in Seattle while dad visited with an old friend. Nolan needed to get rid of his wiggles.

And then he was done

And playing on one of the neighborhood slides.

I find that more and more, my photos of Nolan are when he's eating. Why? Because it's the only time he's strapped down and can't run away:

Cheese! (one of the few recognizable words he says)

Bagel sandwich in the back seat.

Sharing mom's shake, in the same back seat (only in a rental)

Juice box and chicken nuggets at McDonalds

Feeding himself yogurt. always an adventure.

He has ANOTHER cough/cold at the moment. . . which makes him pretty miserable. You know he's wiped out when this is how he watches Curious George.


The Love Sac makes it SO easy for him to climb up into, and hang out on, the window sills in the living room. Which is fine (there is a soft landing all around) until the windows are open. We still have to convince him that it's not OK to press on the screens.

And lastly, a small glimpse at the trick he pulled out yesterday while he and Ben were hanging in his bedroom. Yeah, we are now, officially, on the lowest notch the mattress will go. Then what?

Thank you for your indulgence.


The Cohen's said...

Oh my gosh! He is adorable! The two paci's at once, the watching tv ones, all of them are just too cute!

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

We put our kids in a toddler bed as soon as they turn 13 months. They are a great find on CraigsList!

Susanna said...

Maybe you recognize cheese because he's so used to being photographed.

It's funny because Van already loves to look at the pictures on the back of the camera. I don't think he knows it's him yet, but it's still funny.

Thank heavens for iphones and digital everythings so you could capture all of those moments... especially double binky day!

Amelia said...

He is so fabulous! I love the way he kicks his feet up. And the paci's. And the crib. I love it all.

Stefanie said...

Cell phone photos are a great way to document those every day moments that we usually don't ahve the camera around for! I am always amazed at how grown up these little men got, and so quickly! I can't wait to meet Mr. Nolan in person!!

Bonnie said...

Ok. . . Story about screens. In our house in TX, the windows were only about 6 in off the floor. They make a perfect seat. We had been in the house a short period of time and I went looking for Karin, only to find her outside. She had figured out how to get through the screen. The other time, she fell out from a higher window and scared herself to death. I have no idea how to get them to not push on screens!!