Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

As is the yearly tradition, we had an Easter egg hunt at my grandparent's house in Ogden on Saturday.

Nolan was MUCH more on board with what to do with the treats this year. . .  

But what he really wanted to do?

Climb the ladder

And hit the pinata.

Happy Easter!


Em said...

I love how last year he didn't quite get the concept of the basket and was trying to hold all of his candy AND the basket! haha. such a cutie! growin up so fast!

mel said...

THANK you for the last shot - of you and Nolan. You both look deliriously happy. As it should be.

Emily S. said...

#1. He blends right in with the kiddos this year!! It took me a minute to find him in the group!

#2. LOVE all the shots of him, especially the ladder one!!

#3. You are looking GOOD! Love the long hair, and you are looking like a lean, mean, no-sugar machine. Love it! Made me miss you!!

Stefanie said...

Everyone beat me to the good comments!

1. How fun is that big group of kids and an egg hunt? JEALOUS.

2. Nolan looks SO grown up!

3. L.O.V.E. that last shot of you and Nolan. You both look great - but you especially!!!