Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- Our friend Peter has been in town this week, visiting from England.  He was one of Ben's room mates back in the day, and both of us did plays with him many times during his years here.  It had been 5 years since his last visit, since before Ben and I started dating. . . 

Needless to say, things have changed a bit.

Nolan was his biggest fan, waking him up in the morning by saying "Peter?  Wake up?  Soccer?"  Peter was nice enough to teach him a thing or two about kicking the soccer ball while he was here. . .  and now it's all he wants to do.

Nolan loved Peter, but I made him take this picture first thing this morning after telling him Peter had to leave, so he was not thrilled.  As you can see.

2- I have not done well on my sugar consumption this week.  I blame the above mentioned Peter and his tendency to bring me British chocolate when he comes to visit.  It's just not fair.

I'll be back on the wagon soon.  After I eat a little more chocolate.

3- We're considering joining a CSA so that we can have fresh fruit and veggies this summer.  We just don't have a lot of space (or skill or patience, frankly) to grow a lot of the things we love in our shady back yard.  But part of our push for eating well is eating more fresh stuff, so we're thinking this may be the way to go.  But it's pricey up front, I'm not sure we'd USE everything, and I don't know if it actually saves us anything in the long run. . .

Anyone have any experience with these things?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Too expensive?  Too many weird things we'll never eat?

And if it's a bad idea. . . any UT people know whether there are any good farmer's markets (n UT county) besides the somewhat disappointing one in Provo?

4- I need some new shoes for exercising.  I don't run. . .  it's too hard on my back.  But I like to walk, so I need a good pair of shoes for walking. Anyone have any suggestions?  The pair I have now are just SO tight.  Are they supposed to be tight?  Or have my feet just spread because of that whole pregnancy thing a while back and now tennis shoes will never fit well again?

I don't want to get too excited and assume that Spring is here.  I'm certain it's not. . .  but I do need to stop making excuses and just GET OUT THERE.

5- Is there really a safe date in UT to assume it's done snowing?  Based on this year, I think not. . .


EmiG said...

Have you taken a look at Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op? They have a pick-up site at Provo Town Centre... My sister up in Logan has been getting produce from them for about a year and I just started at the new Spokane site.

gd said...

At Neil's suggestion (who's a runner), I got some wide-width New Balances, made specifically for walking. I don't normally use wide widths, but I noticed they ached in an odd way on the sides after walking awhile in my old shoes. I LOVE the NBs. I wear thicker white socks, to make up for some of the width, and it works great--no problem now to walk my prescribed 10K steps a day!

Good luck!


gd said...

(P.S. "they" in the second sentence = my feet)

mel said...

Interested in what your peeps have to say about CSA - we found one literally around the corner from our subdivision and have the same questions.

Elneeta said...

1- I miss Peter and wish I could have seen him and said hi in person!

3-I love Bountiful Baskets and would recommend starting there. Especially for a small family, it is a small investment and you can test it out with no huge up front investment or long term commitment. Besides it is kind of like Christmas when you get your basket full of delicious fruits and veggies.

4-Good shoes cost a little bit more money. You may want to look into men's shoes - I know it sounds weird, but sometimes they fit better. Also, see if you can find a "running shoe" store where you can talk to someone who knows what to look for to provide you the best support. Even if you don't buy the ones they suggest you can get a good idea of what to look for.

5- The latest snow I remember when I was liveing up there, was April 1st, so I guess you never can tell.

Stefanie said...

I second Genny's comment on New Balance -- they are the only shoe I buy now...but you can go to a speciality atheletic store and they do this really high tech thing where they wet your foot and have you walk on tell what type of foot/arch/step you have and what shoe will fit you best (I told you it was high tech), so you can find the best fit for YOU. Good fitting shoes make a world of a difference.

And your friend Peter is cute. Maybe it's because you brought you chocolate...that always helps... He can bring me chocolate.

Tamera said...

If you want to try your skill and patience I don't know if mom and dad are going to be using our garden at the house in springville... so they might let you use some of it.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Nothing better than English chocolate. They're Kit Kats are tons better and creamier.