Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- For my weekly movie suggestion.. .  go see "The Switch".  It's surprisingly good!  It got almost ZERO marketing, but it's actually well written.  The premise is ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.  But it actually WORKS! 

A good movie, despite the fact that there's a scene of Will Swenson's butt.

2- Tamera made Nolan the most amazing present EVER this week.  He is in LOVE.

One side Batman.  One side Robin.

He saw a kid out in front of our house wearing one the other day, and was fully offended when we attempted to substitute with a dish towel.  We've had to tell him he's not allowed to sleep in it, but other than that. . .  wears it ALL the time.

3- SO ready for "summer" to be over.  This one has been Loooonnnngggg.  The fabulous addition of RA training at the end. . .  NOT a fan.  I'm ready for life to go back to normal.  NORMAL!!  Can you sense my frustration here?

That is all


Emily S. said...

Love the cape... wanna see The Switch, love you. That is all.

Marianne said...

Hey, where did you get that cape. Mark has been wanting to buy one for Collin forever. Please tell me you didn't make it.

Stefanie said...

I love Nolan. Plain and simple. That kid is going to be hilarious as a teenager and adult. I am predicting a comedian for him now.