Monday, November 24, 2008

Movies and TV Catch Up

Feast Of Love
Good cast. Not good writing. The cast did what they could with it, but it was just. . . bad. I was hoping to like it, but I really really didn't. I watched this so long ago that I really can't some up with anything else to say about it. . . I don't suggest getting this one. . .

Charlie Bartlett
This one, on the other hand, I DID like. And I wasn't at all sure I would. The script is surprisingly clever, and Anton Yelchin, that plays Charlie, carries the movie brilliantly. Hope Davis' character was pretty contrived and silly, but Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr were so honest, that the movie was great, overall.

Purple Violets
I liked this movie a little. . . There were some huge and glaring things about it that really bugged me, though, to the point that I couldn't REALLY like it. #1-- Selma Blair. I don't think she can act, but also, I think she's annoying and hard to watch. (I know this is contrary to popular opinion, but it's just how I feel) #2-- Who decided Donal Logue should play British? He did it BADLY. Not a good call Edward Burns. . .

But on that point, the rest of the cast was good. . . even Edward Burns, who usually annoys me as well, and I generally think should not act in his own movies. He was good. And the plot, though predictable, was not bad.

I just couldn't REALLY like it.
(and there was apparently no poster made for it)

Because I Said So
OK, this one is SERIOUSLY BAD. And the thing is, with this cast, there is no excuse. The script (if there was one) and the direction are just AWFUL. Most of the movie feels like a 1st year improv class. And my guess is, the director told them to "have more energy! Be more frenetic!" the whole time. It's bad. REALLY bad. Even for a chick flick.

Beauty Shop
I wanted to hate it. I can't like movies like this. . . I'm smarter than that. . . But it was really quite sweet. And Queen Latifa is just so GOOD. At everything. And granted, it was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and I had just finished watching Because I Said So. . . but I think both Ben & I really enjoyed this. . . silly though it may be. If you see it coming on TV, it's worth the time.. .

Margot At The Wedding
Yeah. . . I am officially NOT a fan of Noah Baumbach. I couldn't sit still through this movie, in much the same way I couldn't through The Squid & The Whale (which he also wrote and directed). I know there are people with whom his style and rhythm resonates. . . but I'm not one of them. I call movies like this "Mumbler Movies". I just wanted to tell them all to enunciate!! I didn't like it. . . but that doesn't mean you wouldn't. . .

And a few (lots of) points on TV. . .

We care enough to be caught up on:
Pushing Daisies-- it's being cancelled, and that makes me sad. Granted, I am less enamored with this season than I was last, but it's SUCH a great show. . .
Big Bang Theory-- yes, this is a slightly unexpected joy to us. Maybe the sitcom ISN'T dead! Although I could still do without the ridiculously loud laugh track
How I Met Your Mother-- again. . . giving me hope for sitcoms. I know, I'm late to the party. . . But I like this one.
Ugly Betty-- Oh my WORD, I'm so glad it recovered from last season. I was about to give up. But it's BACK!
Grey's Anatomy-- OK, I am pretty certain it officially jumped the shark this past week. UGH. I loved Denny too. . . but seriously?! I will still keep watching, though. I'm a sucker for it.
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-- we cry every week. It's amazing and one of our absolute favorites.

Partially caught up on:
Heroes-- mostly caught up. . . and while it's better than last season (OK, that's not saying much) I am still not thrilled with the writing. COME ON, people!
Biggest Loser-- Really wish it wasn't the long, drawn out, 2 hour affair that it is every week. They could do it in 1. . . and all the dramatics and repeated clips are making us lose interest. . .which is sad, because we really liked it. . .

We are SOO far behind on, and trying to care about:
Private Practice-- I'm more caught up than Ben is, but it's just getting SO overly dramatic. I know this is silly from someone that likes Grey's, and I LOVE the cast. . . but the writing is just not doing it for me this season. . .
House-- I actually took this off the schedule. . . not because I don't like it, but because it's syndicated all over the place and I'm not up on any sort of PLOT anyway, so it's not worth the DVR space.
Fringe-- I love JJ, but this one may end up getting deleted too. It just didn't draw us in. We'll see if we get caught up soon and have time for it. . .

New ones we're trying. . . when we find time:
Eleventh Hour-- The previews looked interesting. . . sort of X-Files meets Bones. . . I'm not sure when I'll get to it, though. Or if that's even an accurate description.
Life-- I have watched 2 so far, and I like it. It's definitely on deck.
My Own Worst Enemy-- We watched all of the episodes last night. Couldn't stop watching. We're suckers for spy shows. . . it feels like we're watching Alias all over again. Really well done. WATCH THIS, if you don't already.

Yeah. . . we watch WAY too much TV. Our excuse is that we don't go TO the movies and plays much any more. . . so we have to entertain ourselves. . . but we're also just slaves to the TV.

Done now.


Anna said...

You don't like Fringe? We love it for its unintended humor. Why do they always "split up" when trying to catch the bad guys? You know something bad is going to happen! But I loves me's some JJ. The main girl though needs to not part her hair straight down the middle. Annoys me every week.

Lisa said...

We are addicted to Life. It's one that we always make time for.

Marianne said...

I feel the same way about Fringe. I don't like that the girl looks like she's cringing all the time. We love Life and the Mentalist.

The Taylor Bunch said...

I thought about you and your gorgeous cakes today when I saw this website that reminds me of my cakes.

sarraphim said...

I would maybe try The Mentalist on CBS. From what I read, it's like Psych (from USA) but on a more serious bent. Or, you could just watch Psych, it's really funny!

emily said...

Fun! I miss these posts! AMEN on "Because I Said So".... Made me want to KILL myself for watching it.