Monday, November 24, 2008

Random (Again) and Wordy

Apparently my new theme is random lists. . . because here I go again. (though I will follow it up with a movie/TV post)

1) We bought our Christmas presents this weekend. . . I know, I know, it's ridiculous for a person who can't even stand to start listening to Christmas carols until Dec. 1st to buy Christmas presents SO far in advance. It is. It's ridiculous. I know this.

Ben and I have gotten into the habit of saving large purchases that we really want for special occasions, for the sake of justifying them. We used our TV purchase for birthdays and anniversary gifts this year. . . and ever since we bought the TV, it's been our secret (and not so secret) wish to have a Blu-Ray player to go with it. . . I mean, HELLO, how can we have an HDTV and NOT have Blu-Ray? Easy, actually. We didn't NEED it. DVDs looked fine. But. . . we wanted one.

SO it's our Christmas gift. And at less than half the price of last year's Christmas (iphones at the old price) I feel pretty good about it. And it LOOKS AMAZING. Wall-E is SO pretty. Planet Earth. I can't even tell you. . . you could PET the polar bears. . .

2) When I went to deposit our aluminum cans in the recycling bin I always use today, I ran into something new and different for American Fork Utah. . . or so I thought. . .

The large trash can for recycling (proceeds go to the handicapped, or so it says) is right next to another can for newspapers. They are in the parking lot of a Smith's grocery store and there is never anyone by them. Dumping my cans through the special hole is usually a solitary affair I do on my lunch break and move on to other errands.

But today, when I pulled into the parking lot, there was a man by the newspaper can, with newspapers EVERYWHERE. A giant circle of papers surrounded him as he looked to be sorting through them. I admit it. I figured he was homeless (even if that's not something you see in AF very often) I don't know if it was the gray hair sticking up through his ear warmer or the older wind breaker he was wearing. . . or just the simple fact that he was kneeling by a couple of trash cans in a grocery store parking lot. . . either way, I have to admit that it gave me pause, pulling up to the cans. . . Not very Christian of me. . . I know.

As soon as I got out and he looked up at me with a bit of a laugh in his eyes I knew I'd been wrong. But I still didn't understand. . . but not to worry. He explained. He talked to me the whole time I was emptying my cans. . . and then a little longer. He told me that he was pulling newspaper clippings to add to scrapbooks he was making for his grandkids. . . He wanted them to remember this year. . .

And it occurred to me that I was judgmental. . . and that he was a freaking COOL grandpa. . . if a bit eccentric. How many grandpas dumpster dive for newspapers to create SCRAPBOOKS for their grandkids? I hope they appreciate it. And I hope I'm that cool some day. (even though there CERTAINLY must have been an easier way to do what he was doing)

3) When I made my hair cut appointment on Saturday they asked if I'd like to have anything waxed while I was at it. . . In order to tell this story, I have to admit something. . . I am 31 years old. A GROWN woman. & I am NOT a fan of hair in places it ought not to be. Which is why I endured the pain of laser hair removal on certain parts of my body. Because besides not enjoying errant hair, I am also lazy. Too lazy for the shaving and the plucking SO much of the time. . . HOWEVER. . . I have made it to the ripe old age of 31 without every having had a part of my body waxed. I hear tales. I wince. . . which is stupid because I KNEW in my brain, that the laser hurt more. . . I've just never done it. SO, when they asked, I thought of my eyebrows. . . SO unkempt. Really quite ridiculous. . . and I said yes.

And it was wonderful.

I now have perfectly shaped brows, with VERY minimal pain, and I will never pluck again.

The End.


Anna said...

Hooray for perfectly shaped eyebrows! Don't they make you feel so nice.

The Cohen's said...

I love the story about the grandpa... it's too easy for all of us to judge. ;)
And I'm jealous about the waxing...I pluck as I refuse to let them grow out enough to go to a salon for them to be waxed. Pathetic? Compulsive? Maybe. :)

Tea Marie Photography said...

Oh I loved having my eyebrows waxed! My friend in California did it for me before the Marine Corps Ball last year! It was amazing. Pretty much pain free to have your eyebrows looking amazing for a few weeks! :)

Loraine Edwards said...

Welcome aboard!!

sarraphim said...

Wow... you waited this long to wax your eyebrows? Yikes! ;) That's alright. At least you had the gumption to TRY the plucking thing. I never tried it, it always looked too painful. I've just always (as in the last 5 years only, I didn't mess with it in high school) waxed instead. Way to go, Melanie! You tried something new and liked it! :D