Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

OK. . . it's convention time, so I am SOO far behind. . . but I have some pumpkin carving photos hanging out on my desktop waiting to be posted, so I'm gettin' it done.

After our trip to the pumpkin patch, we went home to carve, and were joined by many many people. It was a packed house.

Workin' hard

Tanner was a good little helper to Jenny in making a classic jack o lantern

Brian, Jer, & Emily

Darrin & Jessica, and Jessica's clever pumpkin butt

Cortney and Ben

Nick, Nolan and Tanner hangin in the love sac

Jer & Nate jammin' to the new Guitar Hero (together again)

The pumpkin parade on the front porch.
Along with Ben's scary vampire rat in the bottom right corner
That rat scared the little neighbor girl pretty badly
mission accomplished


Stefanie said...

Wow! You guys are pumpkin carvin superstars!! Those are awesome!!

*jess* said...

those all look awesome! great job everyone!!!!!

CYNDI said...

Okay, so I just read your sealing day post and I am still a little choked up. ( Sometimes I am a little emotional) I am so happy for you that the mess was resolved and you are now an eternal family! That doesn't quite do it justice! Hooray! Please come hang out with us in Tucson!

Susanna said...

whoa! those are some serious jackolanterns. i'm totally impressed!

Angie said...

wow, awesome pumpkins!

Tea Marie Photography said...

Darn it! I really did miss out! So sad!!! :(

Nathan said...

I love the picture of Jenny and Tanner. I'll have to get that from you.