Thursday, December 04, 2008

Product Placement

OK, it's time for a list of my current favorite things. After all, it's the time of year when I indulge my consumerism BIG time, so why not, right? (yes, more than half are food. that's just the kind of day I'm having, OK?)


Mint M&Ms
We bought about 10 bags of these at the end of last season, and we were just finishing them up in time for them to come out again. Good timing, eh? They are a little bit tricky to find this year, but I got several bags at Target. Head on over.


Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon
Dude! I love what this does to first day hair. You know, the hair that is dry and sticks up everywhere because it's so bloody CLEAN!? Yeah, this does an amazing job of controlling the insanity wihout being all goopy and gross. SUCH a good find.


Candy Cane Hershey Kisses
white/red chocolate with peppermint crunchies inside. . . need I say more?
Need I point out my intense love for min/chocolate combinations again?


Wee little notebook
Yes, I have an iphone in which I SHOULD take lots of little notes so I have them with me all the time. . . but there's really not a great place in it for making to do lists, and sometimes it's nice to very quickly jot things down.
They come in a 3 pack. The other 2 found happy homes in the mid-West, but I kept one for myself. they can be got at Barnes & Noble, in the Jonathan Adler Kensington collection up by the registers.

Fifth (and finally)
Gerber Yogurt Melts
OK, these are for Nolan, not me, but when he literally takes them out of the bag, grabs my hand and places the package in it, and then starts signing "please". . . Probably a good sign that he likes them. They are the perfect take along, healthy snack. They're pricey, considering how quickly Nolan plows through them, but at least they aren't white flour, am I right?


Dawn said...

Oh man... now I must find the candy cane kisses and mint m and ms.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Amen! to the mint chocolates. Makes me crave your delicious mini mint cupcakes from years past. Have you posted the recipe for them? I think I "need" it.

I must try the frizz goo because my stuff is about out and I've wanted to try a new brand.

And I'm definitely mental noting the kid's yogurt snacks.

emily said...

yay for all of it! Haven't tried the Frieda stuff, but probably should... and I LOVE the kisses. Just bought another bag last night. Along with some yogurt bites of my own (well-- for Noah. I'm starting him on the addiction!)

Good list! Good times!

Hel said...

Oh! We just found the Graduates snack line and LOVE it too! It's about the only "American" food Isabel is eating at the moment.

Angie said...

Rylan LOVES yogurt melts!! I've never those M&M's, I think I must now!

Megan said...

Add me to the lovers of all things mint and chocolate! Fun list - thanks for sharing!

Stefanie said...

I'm a LOVER of EVERYTHING on your of them being introduced to me by you, of course!! :)