Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall TV

Before I make a list of the the shows I'm excited about for fall, I would just like to go on record and state that I truly believe NBC is shooting themselves in the foot by moving Jay Leno to prime time. I know, it's probably cheaper for them. . . but that is 5 hours A WEEK of interesting TV that won't be happening.

Maybe they just didn't feel like being creative this year. . .

Shows I already love that I'll be watching again:
How I Met Your Mother (Mon. CBS)
Big Bang Theory (Mon. CBS)
Castle (Mon. ABC)
The Biggest Loser (Tues. NBC)
SYTYCD (Tues & Wed. FOX)
Glee (Wed. FOX)
Grey's Anatomy (Thurs ABC)
Private Practice (Thurs ABC)
Southland (Fri NBC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Sun ABC)
Amazing Race (Sun CBS)

Shows I have watched countless previews about,
and am therefore cautiously excited for:
Trauma (Mon NBC)
Modern Family (Wed ABC)
Cougartown (Wed ABC)
Mercy (Wed NBC)
Flash Forward (Thurs ABC)
The Mentalist (Thurs CBS)

Shows I know nothing about,
but reading the synopsis made me interested enough to try:
The Good Wife (Tues. CBS)
The Forgotten (Tues ABC)
Three Rivers (Sun CBS)


gd said...

1. TOTALLY agree about the Leno thing.

2. I've never seen Biggest Loser, but I am SO excited to start watching it this year! (I am also SO scared to try my 30 Day Shred DVD...)

3. Have you seen previews for Community? I can't wait for that one! Or are you not really a fan of that genre (Office, Parks & Rec, etc)?

4. We're trying Cougartown too...and Dancing with the Stars, since there's a UFC guy in it this year. Neil will never watch dancing shows with me so I'm stoked that he's planning on watching this one!

I love fall TV excitement, and discovering new fantastic shows. Thank God for DVRs!

Rachel said...

Have you watched Better Off Ted? I know you would appreciate it. We seem to be soul mates when it comes to movies/tv.

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Have you heard of Chefs vs city? Its like food networks version of amazing race. Its cool!

mel said...

I'm glad you put this list together. I'm so stuck in my same old tv rut that it's nice to read some about some new shows. I'm glad that you think Modern Family looks good. I read about it in my Adoptive Families magazine and because of the producers and their past shows, I think I'll give it a try, too!

Bonnie said...

I've started watching the Mentalist and really like it.