Monday, August 24, 2009

Secret Garden Party

We had a busy weekend at the Hess house. Lots and lots to do.

But the final weekend activity is what I want to share.

We had a cast party.

For the Secret Garden.

A show we did more than 3 years ago.

I stage managed. Ben played Dr. Craven. And I promised the cast that I would arrange a party. . . oh. . . closing night. But we got engaged soon after it closed, and then married, and then pregnant. . . and seriously. . . We did a lot in those 3 years. But STILL.

Almost everyone involved was back around, willing and excited to play. . . so we got together at our clubhouse,

and mostly exclaimed over how much the "kids" from the show had grown.

And how Nolan was adorable, but how on earth is he a red head?

And how much fun we'd had doing that show. . .

We had a great time. And hopefully we'll get together again, along with some of those that were missing, in less than 3 years this time.

1 comment:

Emily S. said...

I want a long-lost cast party... That sounds completely fun and random!!