Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Randoms

1- It was my birthday 2 days ago. I can't believe how loved a person can feel on her birthday in the days of Facebook! It is such a rush to get 50 emails, from friends old and new, in one day, all wishing you a happy birthday! I never remember birthdays, myself, so I truly appreciate that FB reminds me so I can pay the love forward.

2-My trip to St. Louis was supposed to be my birthday present. But in a moment of cheating, I got on eBay. . . and I couldn't resist. . . and won an auction for A Cricut:I got a super amazing deal on a brand new one, with several extra goodies. . . so I don't feel TOTALLY badly about it. If anyone needs creative vinyl sayings for their walls, I'm your woman. We have some interesting plans in mind for our wall. . . if the vinyl is removable. . .

3- And to ADD to the birthday love, my mom and aunt found me a sweet new sewing machine in a consignment shop, and got it for me for my birthday! It's old, but pristine, simple and solid and I LOVE it. I can't wait to work on some quilts!


4- I watched Project Runway, and the Models of the Runway show that followed, for the first time last night. I had heard so many good things about it, over the past few years, but we didn't have BRAVO, so I had never experienced it.

Add one more reality show to my list of favorites.

Also, they use the same brand of sewing machines on PR that I just got. Proof that my mom got a good deal.

5- I was supposed to have finished my Coke quitting by Wednesday. . . alas, I still haven't done it. I'm CLOSE. very close. but I can't make that final step without getting at least a SMALL handle on my migraines first. So I'm delaying. And still sticking to about 12 oz a day at lunch. And we'll see what happens. . .


Kalli Ko said...

I really am glad to hear your day was awesome. Birthdays should be that way always.

Next week, lunch so I can return your stuff and also because lunch is needed.

Stefanie said...

Awesome birthday gifts! WAHOO!

Emily S. said...

yay for Friday randoms! Did I guilt you into posting some today, even though you were swamped?? LOL!

So glad you got some cool machines... and glad you're getting into Project Runway, too. :)

Megan said...

If you're trying to quit Coke, will Ben have certain restrictions at home? good luck to you though!