Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- I have to admit to tearing up a little over the cute get well soon cards that several kids made and sent/brought to us this last week. Nolan kept hugging the one Allie sent him and saying "Aww. Tute!" And it was. He's a very loved little boy.

2- OOF is sponsoring this really cool day long photography conference called PhotoCamp Utah. We still have a TON to do to prepare, but it's such a cool opportunity to have 350 photographers in one place at one time and share what we do. . . Wish us luck that we make a good impression!

3- Nolan watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that included some sneezing. . . And so he needed some tissue. . . and then he had to play out the dramatics of the sneeze:

(the first half of the video, which I cut out because it seemed to mean to include it, he did his sneeze and whacked his head on the box sitting there and fell down. He wasn't hurt, and jumped right back up for this take, but it sounded pretty painful. . .)

4- The diet is on week 6 now. My headaches are HUGELY improved, I've lost 12 lbs, and I am starting to get my energy back, among other positive improvements. The dr. thinks I need a couple more months on it, along with the meds I'm taking. I'm inclined to listen, after all the improvements I've felt.

However, as of Tuesday, I was allowed to start adding fruits back in to my diet. I have to add them like babyfood. One at a time for a couple of days, and then, if there's no reaction, try the next. After fruit I get cheese back.

I can't tell you how happy I am about that.

5- After a decluttering break last weekend, due to hospitalization, I'm going to attempt to tackle Nolan's room this weekend. Namely, his closet and dresser. I did pull a lot of the outgrown clothes out a couple of weeks ago, but there is SO MUCH in there that just doesn't need to be.

Time for it to go.


Anna said...

Aww tute!

Glad he enjoyed it and that he is feeling better.

Shayla Taylor said...

What kind of crazy diet are you on? What's the name?