Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hospital Fun

So, turns out I spoke too soon. We returned to the doctor on Thursday evening for a recheck and they gave us a free pass to the nearest hospital. Which turned out to be full, so they directed us 15 miles north. We got the last bed in the American Fork hospital. If it had been full, they would have sent us up to Primary Children's.

What's with all of the full beds? RSV is all over the place right now. And there are many MANY children just like Nolan in hospitals, receiving much needed oxygen to get them past this nonsense. There were 10 month old twins in the next room, which made us feel very very lucky.

His first morning there they had him blow bubbles. Apparently it's a fast way to get kids to cough. . . and boy did he enjoy that. I brought more bubbles with me when I ran to Target and it was his favorite game of the weekend.

These were the numbers we watched constantly. The sensor on his toe registered the big number on the right. When that number fell below 88, there was an awful beep that started up. We had to make him cough or move around so that the number would rise. If it fell for more than a minute or two, the oxygen was turned on. Oxygen drops when you sleep, so the first 2 nights, and nap time the first 2 days, he had to have the oxygen on the whole time.

Which meant that he was tethered from his toe and his face. . . Not much fun for a kid that likes to run, and isn't really FEELING all that sick. He could sit in the bed, or the chair next to the bed, but that was it. It was totally frustrating. For all of us. This is as much running around as he was allowed:

With many toys, the DS, and a whole stack of DVDs, we made it through the weekend and were sent home Sunday afternoon.

He's home, breathing great, and we're back to the grind.

Thank you all for your love and prayers. It could have been so much worse.


Jules said...

I'm glad he's doing okay, and that you and Ben are, as well! Hang in there. :-)

mel said...

I don't know how you did it. Was screaming involved? How did you keep him still without sitting on him? ;) I'm so glad you are all home now.

Shauna Miller said...

Oh! that picture of Nolan and Ben in the hospital bed is so dern cute. I can't believe hospital gowns come that small. sniff. I am glad to hear you are free of the hospital and that little Nolan is improving. Boo! on germs that make our precious babes unwell and us miserable.

Tami said...

Not fun! I am glad all is well now. I have been thinking about you guys and wondering how things went!

Lisa said...

So glad that Nolan is home now, and so sorry that he had to be in the hospital. My Ben has RSV right now, but he's one of the lucky few who gets to stay confined to home. Boo to winter!

Stefanie said...

These pictures just make my heart ache. I'm so glad it is all behind you and he is on the mend!!