Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sad and Happy

So. . . Nolan has pneumonia, which is super awesome. . . I have never seen him so sick before in his life.

Which means that we've been making very good use of this little device:

It's called a pulse oximeter (though this isn't the exact one we have, it's very close), and though it cost us a pretty penny when we bought it, it appears to have kept the little man out of the hospital, so it has been more than worth it. As long as I monitor the oxygen levels in his blood at home (by sticking his little finger in that clamp and waiting for the numbers to show up) and promise to take him in if it goes below 86%, we get to stay home.

How low has it gotten? Oh, 88, even 87 a few times . . . which is a lot lower than i prefer.

Luckily, it seems to be improving, however slowly, today. . .

We're incredibly grateful for the prayers everyone has been offering in his behalf, I know that they are the reason he's doing better today.

And, on an uplifting note, here's a little video for you. OK, it's 16 minutes long. But it is SO worth it. Makes me want to smile more, that's for sure.



Tami said...

So cute! Love it!

AllisonDacia said...

Poor little guy. Hope he gets better soon!

mel said...

Sending more love and prayers.