Monday, February 01, 2010

Random on a Monday

1- My child is getting his 2 year old molars in. . . which means we are ALL miserable. Just when I thought we were past the teething thing for a while. . .

(There are 2 year old molars? WHAT?!)

is there anything more pitiful than a 2 year old sticking his fingers into his mouth and saying "it huts!" I submit that there is not.

2- Today is day 13 of my diet. . .

13 appears to be my lucky number as I have a touch of a headache today (though still not a migraine) and am feeling especially gross.

But I still haven't cheated!

3- 2 guys from Jimmy Johns just walked down our row handing out free sandwiches. . .

Seriously? Of COURSE that happens this week.

Does the fact that they came all the way to XANGO to hand us free sandwiches mean they're struggling? I hope not. I hope it means they're just really good marketers. . . because I don't want them to go away.

4- I saw my first REALLY GOOD movie of the year this week. Young Victoria. I will include it with my next review post, but seriously, RUN, don't walk to this movie. I want it to make money so they'll make MORE movies like this.


Hel said...

1. I HATE 2 year old molars. The end. I also HATE my wisdom teeth at the moment - I am finally feeling what Isabel has felt the past two years.

2. I am so impressed with your diet. I hope that when I grow up I have the same about of motivation as you.

3. God bless America where you can get free sandwiches... and an array of take out choices.

4. Really? It's out on DVD here already so we got to watch it a few weeks ago. I will watch out for your review post because I didn't really enjoy it that much (I agree that the world could do with a few more movies like it, though).

Cyndie said...

Our friends loved Young Victoria, too. I'm glad for a second witness!