Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give Back

 Design Mom had a fantastic post today on

PEOPLE, this is amazing.  AMAZING.

This is a site through which you set up a "foundation".  You can donate your own money directly through your foundation, or, OR you can follow links to merchants (places you ALREADY SHOP ONLINE!) and the merchant will donate a portion of your purchase to your foundation!  It's the most AMAZINGLY SIMPLE, but also TOTALLY BRILLIANT idea!  It will take you 30 seconds longer to get to or . but then the money you spend goes to a good cause!

I love it.  I will be using it for all of my holiday shopping.

The list of charities you can choose from to donate to is HUGE.  And why WOULDN'T YOU?

PLUS, they send you ONE RECEIPT, come tax time, to deduct your donations from your taxes.



My current choice of charities. . .  and if you know me OR my mom, you know why. . .

Migraine Research Foundation Inc.


Do it.  

It's free. You have NOTHING to lose.

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