Wednesday, September 12, 2007


In celebration of Jenny's birthday last night, we surprised her by meeting her for dinner at La Casita en masse. It was a fun sort of surprise, and extremely yummy food.

Tanner had been long convinced that it was his duty as her son to make and decorate a cake. Apparently he spent quite a bit of time flipping through Jenny's cake decorating books trying to pick out the perfect thing to make for her. In the end, he chose a funfetti cake topped with a Lightning McQueen candle. . . because what mom wouldn't love that?!

We all gathered at our house after dinner to blow out the candles and partake of the cake. Jenny's sister Jessica and her husband were there too, as well as my mom, who had been kind enough to drive their truck down to free us of the queen sized bed in our guest room/nursery. We still have a lot to get done in there, so it's nice to finally have the old furniture moved out so we can move the new in. And also, a great bed to sleep on when we're in Syracuse on weekends. Now that all of us are married, there were just not enough beds to go around. Hopefully I'll have semi-finished nursery pictures soon.

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