Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Since I just now got around to downloading photos from the weekend, this post is a little bit out of order, but I thought it still warranted a place here.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and made the trek to Ogden to see Kim's girls play soccer. They are both very talented little girls. Last year Isabella spent a good part of the game randomly sitting down on the field and generally wandering around rather than kicking the ball.

This year, she got 3 goals, the only by her team as a whole.

Helaina had her first game on a big field on Saturday, and holy cow. It was HUGE. It's a miracle, if you ask me, that none of those girls passed out cold. That is a LOT of running. Her team didn't walk away victorious, but seeing as there were only 2 girls on th green team that had ever played before, they held their own quite brilliantly.

Of course the fact that the games were followed by a trip to Dylans and a rousing game of Monopoly just made the day all that much better.

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