Friday, September 28, 2007

more TV

I haven't totally managed to catch up on this week's new TV yet. I still haven't watched Grey's Anatomy or Big Shots from last night. (we had childbirth class at the hospital again) But.. . . I did watch Wednesday night and we caught Ugly Betty before we crashed last night.

So, here's a rundown of what I thought.

I was totally torn between watching Bionic Woman or Private Practice while I recorded Private Practice on Wed. But in the end, I chose to just watch PP. I have to admit, there were some moments when I wondered if this show was going to totally tank. BUT, overall, I actually think it's actually going to work. As Ben pointed out, it took a few weeks to get sucked in to Grey's Anatomy too, but in the end I really did. I think I just need to get a feel for the characters on this one. & hopefully the writing will do them a service and give them great things to say.

I was pretty convinced that Dirty, Sexy, Money was just going to be crass and stupid. I didn't expect good writing or acting, and I really didn't expect to care about any of the characters. In the end, though, I actually did. Not that I am wholeheartedly committing to this one yet. It still is a little crass and stupid in parts. But I will definitely give it a try again next week.

Ugly Betty left a lot of things hanging at the end of last season. In fact, the season finale was really kind of depressing. . . But I still wanted to know what happened next. The opening episode didn't answer every question we were left with. . . but it did give a pretty satisfying end to one story line (in a pretty clever way) as well as adding some new twists for the upcoming season. It will definitely have to come up with some fresh new stuff this season, but it is definitely one of my favorite things to watch for the pure joy and silliness of it.

Hopefully this weekend I'll catch up on Grey's and Big Shots (which has huge suck potential. . .) I hear I didn't miss anything when it came to Bionic Woman. True? Anyone watch? How about Life?


Jer_S said...

Journeyman I don't like for one big reason: he has no control over what's happening. The Unit is about a bunch of dudes who have a job to do and do with with manly punches and explosions. Journeyman is a guy who is uncontrollably flung back in time until he fixes things. He's a complete tool to fate, and everyone in his life, including his wife, thinks he's a complete flake. Maybe she won't from now on, but still. No one wants to watch a show about a guy who can't control his life.

See, escape entertainment is about doing things the way we would want to do them. We watch Lost, we choose the character we like the most based in large part on how we would take on the situation.

But Journeyman? A guy gets yanked through time and can only play along...I don't know, it's a little too close to real life. There's a reason they don't make television about men who have crappy jobs and then get laid off and have to take a crappier job and are unhappy about it.

That's not my life, particularly, but it's not a great escape, either.

Jer_S said...

OH, man, NERD! that should have been on the day's before. Everyone knows I'm dumb!

Melanie said...

You're not dumb. . . I didn't realize it was on the wrong post, if that helps. :)

And I totally agree. It's basically like Quantum Leap, except that he goes home in between. I think I'm going to keep trying it out to see if it grows into itself. But if it doesn't, I won't mind walking away.