Monday, September 24, 2007


We managed to check a few things off the list of doom this weekend. . . and while I spent plenty of time with my feet up as well, I am very proud of us for the things we accomplished:

#1-- The finger puppets finally came in the mail and I was able to construct a pretty fabulous mobile for the nursery (if I do say so myself). There will be a picture of said mobile as soon as I hang it up tonight using the fancy plant hanging hook I got at Home Depot today.

#2-- Grocery shopping. OK, for most of you this isn't very impressive, but for us. . . Let's just say it had been AT LEAST a month since we had ventured in to a grocery store for actual food to put in our actual fridge. Once home, I emptied everything from the fridge and freezer that was either gross or expired, and that left us with very little. Luckily, we filled it up again, and we can now officially say that EVERYTHING contained within is edible. . . At least for the next week or so.

#3-- Pantry organization. This one has been like a fly buzzing around my head for months. Our pantry was a MESS. I can't explain it. You had to have seen it. Opening the doors and trying to remove everything was a feat of daring. But, Saturday night, while I sat at the bar and worked on the mobile, Ben was kind enough to tackle the beast. Not only is everything in there edible, it's also organized (thanks in part to something that looks like this)

It is a beautiful thing.

#4-- All of the baby clothes in the house have been washed and dried and are now ready to be put away in the dresser drawers to await the man child's arrival.

YAY for progress!

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