Monday, September 17, 2007

RHA Training

I spent Friday night up in Salt Lake with Ben and a bunch of students who have decided to commit themselves to a year of party planning (pardon me, "program planning") for all of the freshman living in BYU's on campus housing. We started at a park and then made our way up to downtown to check in to the hotel and spend the evening gathering information in a scavenger hunt kind of format. The weather looked ready to ruin the evening, but in the end didn't hamper things too much. I did get some cool pictures, though, of the storm blowing over the park.

Lucky for us, Ben will have a lot less to do with these programs this year than he has in the past. There's a new assistant manager on the block and he gets to be in charge of this stuff so that Ben can focus his time on telling freshman not to blow things up in their microwaves or throw bottles of urine out the window.

Don't you wish you had his job?

Yeah, me neither.

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