Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 weeks today

People have been telling me since the beginning that the first 2 weeks of parenthood are the hardest. There is very little sleep. It is much more difficult than it would seem to sleep when the baby sleeps. The physical recovery is hard, made worse by lack of sleep. Life falls into an insanely tedious pattern of feedings, diaper changes, and sleeping at all the wrong times. And then there's the crying. . . Seriously bizarre behavior.

I know that as c-sections go, I have had a really good recovery. I know this partially because I went to see my doctor this morning and he told me how well my incision had healed. He told me that I would take some time to get back to my old self, but as of now I am allowed to pretty much do anything, as long as I feel like I can do it. It is amazing to me that it has been 2 weeks. It has flown by in a way I can't possibly describe (though if you have kids of your own I'm sure you know what I mean).

I am constantly amazed at how little sleep I am able to survive on, how alert I am capable of being at 3 am, and how amazing my wonderful husband has been in getting through these first 2 weeks. I am constantly in awe of the little man that lives with us now. I can stare at him for hours. And we've definitely become those annoying parents that think their child is brilliant and amazing even when he's doing the most normal and mundane things.

If what everyone says is true, and these are the hardest 2 weeks, I am really looking forward to what will be coming in the future. It's certainly a change, but it's an awesome one.


Kristen said...

I left a comment in the announcement section, but I forgot to mention that we're coming out to Utah for Christmas and would really like to see y'all (you three).

Melanie said...

Yes, please!! I don't know the best way to get a hold of you guys. email me and we will figure out a good time to get together.

Marianne said...

I finally found your blog. Mark deleted the announcement so Tara told me to check your blog. Nolan sure is cute. We'll have to work out a time to come and see you.