Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 2

On an outing to the park to watch his cousins play. . . all decked out in a little outfit from Old Navy

Several wonderful people made Nolan some great quilts to welcome him into this world. We thought we'd take his picture with a couple of them this morning.

Grammy Hess made him this darling cross-stitched Eeyore quilt

A family friend of Ben's family made this Noah's Ark quilt

Vanessa made him this awesome doggie quilt

and Grandma Webster made this flannel rag quilt

He was a very patient model for all of them


Jen said...

OK, forget me even THINKING about making any homemade present! Yowza! :)

Mrs. Webster said...

I guess I can stop working on that quilt I was making him...haha. Mel, he gets cuter every day. We have to come by again before he completely grows up!

Loraine Edwards said...

You had better have a few more quickly so you can make good use of all those quilts:-)